Traditionally we are using splash screen with progress bar through JFrame or JWindow in Java swing application. But this approach, big disadvantage is splash screen is loaded after jvm is ready and necessary classes are loaded.

In Java 6 provides convient way to show the splash screen even before jvm is get ready.
It can integrate into JAR file also. When double click the jar the splash screen show right now. when  jvm start loading. after loading jvm we can procees the splash screen ie. we draw into splah screen, show progress bar , etc..

Java supports splash screen in gif, png, and jpeg format.

We need to set command line parameter -splash as follows

When we make jar bundle that time we need to add Splash Screen entry into file in jar

Tip: This Feature only works latest Java 6 Version

Its retrieve the Splash Screen image mentions in command line parameter. and make the SplashScreen object.
If that object is null then Ur JRE cant support splash screen.
if its supports we construct the Graphics Object then we can process like normal paint method.
and we need to call update method, if anything is modified in graphics.